. THE no. 1 INDEPENDENT FILM & TV INFORMATION SITE. Ebony Suit Superman Uses Heat Vision In Justice League Trailer Tease Leave a comment

. THE no. 1 INDEPENDENT FILM & TV INFORMATION SITE. Ebony Suit Superman Uses Heat Vision In Justice League Trailer Tease

Gina Carano No Longer Area Of The Mandalorian Or Any Spinoffs

Why Pedro Pascal Is Good For The Past Of Us’ Joel

That is the Villain that is real of?

Celebrity Wars Episode X Published By Synthetic Intelligence Is Weirdly Entertaining


Falcon & Winter Soldier: Ebony Captain America Is An Enormous Possibility Claims Showrunner

The Falcon while the Winter Soldier showrunner Malcolm Spellman states including an Ebony Captain America is a huge possibility he could not shun.

WandaVision Fan-Edit Imagines Vision Battling Magneto

A new fan-edit imagines what it would look like if Magneto battled Vision in a future episode in light of Quicksilver’s WandaVision arrival.

Face/Off Director Clarifies His Movie Is a Sequel that is direct A Remake

Director Adam Wingard clarifies their Face/Off film just isn’t a reboot but alternatively a sequel that is direct the Nicolas Cage and John Travolta action movie.

Real Blood Reboot Has No Current Plans For Original Cast To Go Back

Real bloodstream will be rebooted by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa for HBO, but you will find presently no intends to recreate the initial cast people.

Director Bong Joon-ho Confirms Script For Parasite Followup Is Complete

Bong Joon-ho announced the conclusion of 1 of two scripts he is been taking care of since Parasite took house silver during the 2020 Oscars.

WandaVision Infinity Stones Easter Egg Theory Debunked

WandaVision manufacturing designer Mark Worthington debunks the idea the Infinity Stones inspired the MCU show’s look and color schemes.

Bam Margera Claims He Had Been Cut Fully Out Of Jackass 4 By The Studio

Jackass celebrity Bam Margera happens to be cut from the future Jackass 4 after failing woefully to stay glued to the manufacturing’s guidelines on their drug abuse.

Area Engineers Adds Crossplay & Mods For Xbox & PC Users

Area Engineers is incorporating brand new features towards the game, such as the addition of cross-play and support that is mod both Xbox and Steam users.

Barb And Celebrity Head To Vista Del Mar Review: The Silliness Is Dialed As Much As Ten

From a bizarre villain to unforeseen musical numbers, Barb and Star head to Vista Del Mar is egregiously bad, however with splashes of periodic humor.

To all or any the Boys: Always & Forever Review: A Heart-Meltingly Sweet Sendoff

A satisfying ending to all the Boys: Always and Forever tells a beautiful story of love, relationships and growing up – and gives Lara Jean and Peter.

Umbrella Academy Cast Secures Significant Pay Raise In Front Of Season 3

The cast of The Umbrella Academy has successfully negotiated a hefty pay raise after a critically acclaimed second season on Netflix.

Star Wars: What Happens Between Empire Strikes as well as Return of this Jedi?

What are the results in involving the Empire Strikes as well as Return of this Jedi? Canon and Legends both tell their own variations of just what occurred among them.

DC’s Robin Proves He Is More Powerful Than Anakin Skywalker

In Future State: Robin Eternal #2, Tim Drake is served with the offer that is same avoid a terrible tragedy as Anakin Skywalker ended up being, but Tim resists.

Why Django unchained cut the KKK almost Baghead Scene

In a behind-the-scenes little bit of trivia, manager Quentin Tarantino reveals he considered cutting the KKK “baghead” scene in Django Unchained.

Halo 2 Marines’ Discreet Weapon Swap Animation Noticed After 17 Years

Despite releasing 17 years back, Halo 2 continues to be enjoyed by committed fans that continue steadily to find brand new details that were previously undiscovered.

Why The MCU Creating Fox’s Marvel Films Canon Will Be A Negative Thing

WandaVision has fans buzzing over a multiversal crossover, but merging Fox’s Marvel films utilizing the Marvel Cinematic Universe could be an error.

The Green Lantern Corps Ends The way that is same Started

The end of Hal’s journey with the Green Lantern Corps is very similar to how it all started: with a crash-landing ship in DC’s Future State.

Face/Off Movie Reboot Gets Godzilla vs Kong Director

Adam Wingard, whom began their job in horror and certainly will make their action first with GVK, is chosen to direct and co-write the Face/Off remake.

TikTok Minecraft Valentines Day Worlds Are Cute & Extremely Specialized

Some Minecraft players have actually built romantic days celebration globes with their significant other people, that have in turn shared these creations on TikTok.

Clue Animated Show On The Basis Of The Game In the https://datingranking.net/womens-choice-dating/ ongoing works at Fox

Fox and Hasbro are partnering up to produce the detective board game Clue, that has been adjusted into a movie in 1985, into an animated show.

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