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The Manner In Which You Should Read Research Papers Relating To Andrew Ng Stanford Deep Training Lectures


The capacity to comprehend information created by the people during the leading edge of research within Artificial Intelligence as well as the Machine learning domain is an art and craft that each and every serious device learning practitioner should get.

To keep appropriate while increasing your knowledge, device learning professionals have to have a mindset that is academic practice. AI, ML and DL are evolving at a pace that is fast and then we need certainly to equip ourselves using the knowledge to steadfastly keep up utilizing the industry, knowledge that is only achievable through research papers.

This informative article wi l l give you within directions on how best to proceed through an extensive research paper efficiently, as well as supply the following:

  • A systematic method of reading an accumulation documents to get knowledge in just a domain
  • Just how to properly read research paper
  • Helpful resources that are online can help you in trying to find papers and key information

If you need to get to the key content inside this article, scroll down to the part en en titled “ researching Research Papers”.

First, That Is Andrew Ng?

The knowledge I offer in this essay ended up being produced from a Stanford lecture taught by Andrew Ng. i have additionally supplemented the given information found in this informative article with individual guidelines and information from resources on the net.

But first, an introduction that is brief Andrew Ng.

Andrew Ng has become the most understood( and viewed) device learning instructor on the world wide web. He is additionally the co-founder of both and Coursera.

Aside from their work that is ongoing within training, he’s additionally a teacher at Stanford University.

More info on Andrew Ng is simply a google search away.

It is normal for an individual to grab abilities and habits demonstrated by people around their environment; this is certainly why many PhD students will get the ability of effortlessly digesting this content of a study paper properly. It is notably a known reality, and Andrew mentions it very at the beginning of the movie referenced early in the day.

But our company is perhaps not students that are phD well some may be, but just how can we write my paper normal people gain the desired skills to learn a research paper and realize its content wholeheartedly.

Reading Research Papers

Specialization inside the device domain that is learning favourable if you’re talented. As an example, having a generalist knowledge on the industry of Computer eyesight is commendable, but having specialized knowledge and expertise within key techniques such as for instance Pose estimation may well be more attractive to businesses and company searching for professionals within that domain.

So let’s use Pose Estimation as helpful information to exactly how we would approach reading research documents associated with the topic matter: pose estimation.

1. Assemble collections of resources that concentrate on the matter that is subject. Resources will come in the shape of research documents, moderate articles, websites, videos, GitHub repository etc.

A fast google search in the expression “pose estimation” gives you top resources which contain information with regards to the matter that is subject. The aim is to collate all resources that are relevant, such as YouTube videos, implementation documentations and of course research papers at this initial step. Preferably, during this period, there is absolutely no limitation to your wide range of resources you take into account crucial, but make sure to produce a shortlist of documents, videos and articles which can be helpful.

2. In this next thing, you’ll conduct a deep plunge of every resource you consider strongly related the matter that is subject. It is very important that there surely is a strategy to monitor the knowledge of each shortlisted resources. Andrew Ng, implies a dining dining table of resource plotted against your understanding degree that appears just like the dining dining table below.

It is wise to guarantee you proceed through at the very least 10–20percent regarding the content of every paper you have got put into record; this may make certain you have now been confronted with an adequate amount of the basic content within an identified resource and therefore are in a position to evaluate its relevancy accurately.

When it comes to more appropriate papers/resources identified, it’s anticipated which you progress to a greater amount of understanding. Sooner or later, you should have identified some resources that are appropriate content which you understand completely.

Maybe you are thinking about, “what amount of papers/resource is sufficient”.

Well, I do not have the solution, but Andrew does.

In accordance with Andrew, a knowledge of 5–20 documents will showcase a fundamental understanding within the niche matter, perhaps sufficient understanding to progress to execution of techniques.

50–100 documents will mainly offer you a really good knowledge of the domain.

After going right on through the resources and removal of necessary information, your dining table might look something such as what is shown below.

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